Apps to Travel Easier

Jeff Thodal

For anyone who has traveled anywhere for any reason, there are a number of items to juggle. Itineraries. Confirmations. Schedules. And that’s just the beginning. Factor in the airport, potential of a new location, transport and the list gets even bigger. And that doesn’t even account for the unknowns like security lines, airline status or seat location on an airplane.
I recently came across an article that outlined a few apps that are leading the way and taking charge to consolidate the travel experience. Crain’s Chicago ran an article in early August that looked at two apps in particular, TripIt and FlightTrack Pro.

I had looked into TripIt some time ago and, at the time, found it more time consuming than helpful. However, with this article I decided to take a look and give it a try for my upcoming trip. At initial review, I’m liking it more. It’s an easier interface and has a number of options and components to help consolidate my travel plans. Consolidate it does. For someone who researches and often books various parts of travel from different sites, the fact that this app will scan my confirmations and compile them is a huge time saver and has kept me engaged with the app. I plan to continue to see how it works out as my trip planning continues and I finally leave.

What I do find missing are the updates and alerts, like flight changes or baggage claim carousels. That could be valuable. The other site mentioned, FlightTrack Pro, which I have not set up, yet, according to the article, provides just this type of information, connects with TripIt and also includes airport maps and information. Something to look into.

I’m still playing with the apps and shopping around to see what works best for me. As crazy as it may be at times, I am one that enjoys the whole adventure, the research, the deals, booking from various sites, etc. But I also realize that there are some things that can ruin a trip and seeing apps evolve to help make my travel even a little bit easier, is a welcome offering.

For now, I’m focused on TripIt and we will see if it holds up. I’ll let you know.


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