A Government Website Actually Done Right!


banner_Kentucky_728x410The State of Kentucky rolled out its health insurance exchange. While such an undertaking would be daunting under any circumstance, Kentucky seemed to pull it off with relative ease. Why? A user-friendly web design.

What makes Kentucky’s user experience different from other states is simply…..well…simplicity. The website, kyenroll.ky.gov, allows Kentucky residents to shop for health insurance and enroll in programs in the State’s health insurance exchange. I took a “tour” of the website and, sure enough, it was just as advertised. A click here, a scroll there and, voila…health insurance at your fingertips. And for those of you who, like me, can even get confused by the most simple of internet sites, there’s a help line phone number at the bottom of every page!

Joe Gannon, UX Designer for Magnani, concurred, “The site does a great job in considering various users and makes it easy for them to get to their information quickly. The navigation offers users multiple pathways depending on who they are, or the specific tasks they want to accomplish. ” Again, simplicity.

Joe also liked the look and feel of the site, “The use of artwork rather than a traditional photo seems to work well here. The theme has a folk art feel to it, with the focus on people, along with brightness and warmth of shining sun. Rather than using a hero image carousel — which can be distracting – the site uses a single image – which helps keep the user focused on this theme.”

I did some “touring” of other exchange websites. New York’s health exchange website is a bit foreboding. Register before entering. California’s (CoveredCa.com) is just like you’d expect a California website to be; bright, cheery…..wordy, confusing. The Federal government’s exchange (HealthCare.gov) is, well, ok. It has a LOT of information crammed onto every page. It’s no secret, though, that the Federal site was a nightmare when opened for business.

Kentucky, though, seemed to get it right. Know your audience. Keep it simple.


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