How the Insurance Industry Celebrates Halloween


banner_Pumpkin_728x410The property and casualty insurance industry celebrates the Halloween holiday in style, of course. Property Casualty 360˚ recaps the past few years strangest Halloween related lawsuits in, ‘5 Bizarre Halloween Lawsuits.’ Don’t find yourself in a spooky situation this Halloween like these unlucky folks:

Haunted Houses

  • What’s Halloween without visiting a haunted house? In Louisiana, a lady was so scared when an employee jumped out in front of her that she ran into a wall. One broken nose and two surgeries later, she sued the haunted house and lost because “courts recognize haunted houses are intended to scare people and accomplish that end by producing an environment with limited lighting and scary surprises.”

Maze of Litigation

  • At a haunted corn maze, a woman was so scared by someone dressed as “Jason” from “Friday the 13th” – holding a real chain saw – that when she tried to run in the opposite direction she fell and broke her leg due to the muddy conditions. The maze owners were charged with negligence for the muddy condition of the field and for using a prop that could have actually harmed her.

Costume Coverage

  • There really is nothing like a good old homemade costume. A man attended a Halloween party as a sheep and made his costume out of Johnson & Johnson cotton balls. He lit a cigarette and accidently ignited his costume on fire. While he was found 50% at fault, he still ended up with $625,000 from Johnson & Johnson.

Risqué Risks

  • A sexual harassment lawsuit occurred after a male manager made lewd comments about a female employee’s doctor costume.  In the end, the manager was ordered to pay $50,000 and the related attorney fees.

Party Precautions

  • At a Chicago hotel, a young girl, “fell four floors to her death after attempting to slide down a railing and suffering head trauma.” Her parents are suing for negligence on the part of Palmer House Hilton and the event company hosting the party. The suit claims that the hosts and hotel allowed guests to consume unlimited amounts of alcohol and failed to provide adequate security. The young girl’s parents seek more than $500,000 in compensation for their daughter’s death.

What you should take away from this:

  • Facing your fears is a better option than running directly in a wall while trying to escape them.
  • Make sure to avoid the “Jasons” and the mud in corn mazes.
  • Don’t smoke on Halloween – your homemade creation may not be able to take the heat.
  • Keep your inappropriate comments to yourself. Your fellow employees (and your wallet) will appreciate it!
  • Never, ever try to slide down a banister. It looks cool in the movies, but real life isn’t the movies.

More importantly, have a safe and happy Halloween from all of us at Magnani Continuum Marketing!











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