Wondering if you should use video as part of your marketing plan?


Wondering if you should use video as part of your marketing plan?

The use of YouTube, Vine and other video-driven channels continues to increase, with no predicted slowdown in sight. Given the increasing ability for marketers to measure engagement and conversion with these media options, many conservative and B2B marketers are finally beginning to adopt video as part of their marketing initiatives.

Two considerations for using video as part of your marketing plan:

1. The average American adult attention span is now eight seconds long (that of a goldfish is nine).
2. The average YouTube user has a minimum four-second in-stream TrueView ad



Therefore, if you’re a marketer expanding your use of video as part of your social strategy, be sure your video references key messaging point and/or call to action as close to the beginning of the video as possible. Seems like a simple thing to do, but like everything in marketing – this can be more challenging than it appears. If you have a more complicated message or one that needs some context before appearing to the viewer, consider opting for longer, non-skippable in-stream ads.



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