Weird Al Yankovic and Social Strategy

Justin Jurek

Weird Al Yankovic
Weird Al Yankovic has been parodying the world’s most popular songs for over 30 years. Last week, he coupled his always solid parodies with an impressive content strategy, rolling out a video a day for eight days across a variety of social platforms, all leading up to the release of his new album Mandatory Fun.

Weird Al has always seemed to have a pulse of pop culture and has always been able to place a filter of comedy, wit and charm creating a whole new piece of content to share with people. Whether he was delivering his content through music videos (remember those) or posting his content online, Weird Al knows how to get his name out there.

But this strategy is his magnum opus, and is something we could analyze, breakdown and discuss for days on end. From establishing his large presence on Twitter for years, to posting live and original snippets of content through his YouTube channel, Weird Al’s movements online have been very intentional the last few months.

His presence on Reddit grew, an audience he already had strong connections with, but his posting became more regular in the previous months. Then he held an AMA (Ask Me Anything), where he fielded question from the thousands posted and he used the platform to kick-off his 8-day video campaign.

Throughout the posting of the videos, each video encompassed different ideas, themes and hilarities. Of course, he had another fun, tongue-in-cheek moment for everyone as his last video was posted on The Wall Street Journal’s website. The song’s topic? Business jargon.

The entirety of this social media strategy was to take the same product Weird Al has been delivering for 30 years, but make it accessible in as many places as possible with all of the new available outlets we have today. All the while having a lot of fun doing it.

As of this point, his videos have recorded more than 25,000,000 YouTube view cumulatively. More importantly, Mandatory Fun, hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 (his first ever and the first comedy album to lay this claim since the 1963) for the week of July 20, demonstrating that a cohesive – and entertaining – social strategy can make an impact.

So here are his videos. Enjoy!

You can view “Sports Song” on Funny or Die.


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