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Mashable recently put out this list of “10 Rising Social Networks You Should Explore”, and of course I immediately thought, “Yes, I should explore them!

And now, my exploration is your gain. Here are my recommendations for which of these social networks you should actually explore for your business, plus a few ideas about how you may be able to leverage these networks for your social media strategy.

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1. Secret

Secret offers users the ability to post content to their social network anonymously.

What is It – Secret is an app (a form factor more and more social networks are choosing) where users can post messages anonymously about whatever topic they feel like covering.

Business angle – Unless you are in the field of espionage or Edward Snowden secret releasing, the idea of your business isn’t to be some anonymous entity. Building your brand is very much about being out in the open, exposed and noticed.

Exploration level – Do Not Enter

Image: Mashable Screenshot Secret


2. Shots

Shot is a social network based around people taking images of themselves, known as selfies.

What is It – Shots is all about the selfie.  Basically, you take selfies, post and share them with your friends. All images are selfie-based, so it takes away certain aspects that make Instagram or Facebook popular.

Business angle – Celebrities will dominate this space, however, I love this one, especially for highly social, highly active individuals who are attending trade shows, conferences or travel a lot to visit clients, leads or even employees in different locations.

The idea to using this properly is if your brand leverages itself to an open-sharing format on internal information or actions, then this could really work to solidify that concept.

Exploration level – Take A Look

Image: Mashable Screenshot Shots 


3. Snapchat

Snapchat is an image sharing social network focused on images being sent, then deleted upon viewing.

What is It – Snapchat is another app-based social network built around image sharing with a closed network of friends. However, when the images are sent, they are removed from either device and deleted. The images can only be viewed for a matter of seconds, which is controlled by the sender.

Messages can be tacked on over the image, creating the opportunity for funny captions, or a little description of the image.

Business Angle – Snapchat, when introduced, seemed to be just for tweens. However, as the social network has grown, the functionality for business opportunities continues to grow.

This social network sort of falls into the same vein as Shots, but with Snapchat testing out its geofilters and adding public sharing to events, conferences and conventions, this network can be applied to many different business and industries.

Exploration level – Must Explore

Image: Mashable Screenshot Snapchat


4. WeChat

WeChat is a text and voice message social network, which allows users to connect quickly and easily with other users. And it is free.

What is It – WeChat is a texting and voice message service, which allows you to make calls, send and share videos and images. You can also create group messages and find your friends when they are located near you.

Business angle – This is a service that would work great for a small team, with a budget, who need to be in constant contact with one another.

The group chat, along with the free calls component, makes this an intriguing social network to explore.

Other opportunities include creating connections at industries events or hosting a group chat during an event to draw leads to you. Another thing to take into account is WeChat is owned by Tencent, a China-based media giant that gives Facebook and Google run for their money.

Exploration level – Take A Look

Image: Mashable Screenshot WeChat


5. We Heart It

We Heart It is an application similar to Pinterest.

What is It – This is like Pinterest. This is almost exactly like Pinterest. Instead of boards, you use canvases. Instead of reposting an item to your board, you heart it on a canvas.

The sharable content is presented in a little more artistic manner, giving it a younger, “hip” feel to it.

Business Angle – Do you use Pintertest for your business? Then look into this.

Exploration level – Take A Look

Image: Mashable Screenshot We Heart It


6. Tinder

Tinder is a social network forces on an app experience to quickly connect with potential dates

What is It – Tinder is a dating social network, which is also an app.

Singles can create a profile with an image or import information from their Facebook account. Users swipe “yes” or “no” to people they are interested in meeting. If the users have similar feelings about each other, they can establish connections through a chat function within the app.

Business angle – Unless you can find businesses to work with, or find leads (in the business sense), I am not really sure why Mashable put this on the list in the business section.

Exploration level – Do Not Enter

Image: Mashable Screenshot Tinder


7. Medium

Medium is the blogging version of Twitter.

What is It – Think of Tumblr meets Twitter. This social network was created by Evan Williams and Biz Stone (The guys who made Twitter) and it is a microblogging platform…shocking, I know.

The platform is stripped down like Twitter, however, you can click through the headlines and read posts by users. With your own account, you can recommend stories within your network, while publishing your own stories and thoughts, all the while building your own following.

Business angle – If you have a heavy presence on Twitter and don’t currently leverage a corporate blog, this may be something you want to look into using.

Granted, certain markets and industries will gravitate toward the design of the site more.

Exploration level – Take A Look

Image: Mashable Screenshot Medium


8. Vine

Vine focuses on offering users quick, 5-second videos, to consume and share in this social network.

What is It – Think of Twitter, but instead of 140 characters, you have about 5 seconds to share a video. Vine focuses on video sharing and the idea is to share concise, relevant, and often funny, videos for your network to view.

This site has continued to grow and has become a dominant way videos are now consumed online. Youtube cut the time down on what was “viewable” (1:30-2:00 minutes), and now Vine is making that even shorter.

Business angle – Video is going to be (and already is in some sense) the dominant way content and information are consumed.

If you leverage a Youtube channel, or any video at all, look into this site and see how 5-second videos can fit into your strategy.

If you don’t leverage any video at all, look into this. The nice thing about Vine, production costs aren’t through the roof. Most footage can be shot on smartphones and the editing functionality within the social network is fairly simple to use.

Exploration level – Must Explore

Image: Mashable Screenshot Vine 


9. Bubblews

Bubblews is a social network that acts like Facebook or any other outlet, however, users get paid by the more traffic and users they gain.

What is It – Bubblews is an interesting take on social networks. It is a startup company where users can post content, share content, have followers within their network and basically be just like every other social network.

The differentiation from those outlets, is Bubblews will pay you gain traffic, advertisers and become more relevant within your social network.

Business angle – If you are thinking of grand amounts of money coming in due to your influence on this outlet, think again.

According to their calculations, if the user is writing 10 articles a day and they promoting their content through social media and generating enough organic traffic and continuing to post at a high frequency and (see how many ands are in this sentence) and have flowing of organic traffic, the user could generate $500 a month.

There are a lot of tangibles within this medium to leverage for a business. However, this outlet is one to keep an eye on, because if it grows, it may make sense to migrate to this platform and get a little extra cash on the side.

Exploration level – Take A Look

Image: Mashable Screenshot Bubblews


10. Whisper

Whisper is similar to Secret, where users can post content to their social network anonymously.

What is It – Remember Secret all the way at the top of this post? It is basically the same concept of sharing ideas and content anonymously. You can also anonymously direct message users and add texts to images (mostly stock images) to add some life to your text.

Business angle – They started with an anonymous social network, it would be fitting to end it with one.

As with Secret, I am not sure you want to keep your company anonymous from users you are attempting to connect with in any social network.

Exploration level – Do Not Enter

Image: Mashable Screenshot Whipser


Here is Your Exploration Round Up

Do Not Enter





Take A Look



We Heart It




Must Explore



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