Must (Seriously) Love Dogs: Adopt a Dog…through Tinder?

Christy Hogan Hutchinson

Social Tees, an animal rescue shelter, has teamed up with The Barn of BBH to post puppy profiles online in hopes to help the more than 7 million animals in rescue shelters. Say you can’t quite meet the right guy or girl on Tinder. Failed attempt after failed attempt, you find yourself swiping left or right, but to no avail. How about you use Tinder to find a canine companion?  Social Tees, an animal rescue shelter, is using Tinder to connect potential matches to their puppies. This is exactly what Social Tees, an animal rescue group in the New York city area, has accomplished in collaboration with The Barn at BBH. The idea is simple. Pups get their own custom profile, built out to acknowledge their temperament, personality and specific needs, and then they’re posted to the app. Their profiles read just like any other potential Tinder match but instead of being grossed out by “loves to give lots of kisses”, your heart will melt. The reach of using the application in this manner is pretty great, when you think about the more than 10 million users who use this app. The only issue people may have is they only get matched with puppies. But really, what is so bad about that? Hopefully in the end some people do find a true love match with man’s best friend on Tinder.


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