Digestible Wins in the Organic SEO Battlefield


As SEO has changed quite a bit recently, we are helping you in the SEO Battlefield.
So let’s quickly recap the SEO landscape.

Google did a major update to its algorithm It’s called Panda 4.0. (helps with quality of content on your website)

A Penguin update will surely be next. (helps penalize and discourage black hat SEO techniques)

Overall, the purpose of Panda in combination with Penguin is to up a visitor’s chances to get relevant and useful sites based on queries.

If one is rewarded by Google for relevant, timely, new and pertinent information and penalized for keyword stuffing, excessive link building and irrelevant content, then it stands to reason you need to invest in content.

Here are some tips:

– Be authentic and actually write!
– Write because it’s relevant to your company, job, prospect or customer.
– We help our clients create original content, either through various landing pages about their products and services, a corporate blog or their social media accounts.

Use Social because it makes new and updated content easy, well easier.

With social media, our clients can stream their profiles onto their homepage or other relevant pages to offer visitors (human ones and robot ones) new content specifically relevant to their business and their audience. Feeds are great. It allows for new content without having to write in separate places.

Landing pages throughout websites offer the opportunity to organize content and align with the overall brand and marketing strategy. Linking your ads back to relevant content on your website helps with your Google ranking.

A corporate blog where staff posts frequently offers one of the highest chances of interaction, communication and connection with the current audience and potential leads.

Always try to include images and excerpts in content- so Google automatically knows what your article, white paper, newsletter, any published material is about, easily.

Remember, general rules of SEO for your website still apply:

– Clean URL tags
– Meta tags and keywords
– Relevant, unique meta descriptions
– Alt tags
– Image tags
– Proper header tags

Wrap all of this together, analyze, rinse and repeat and you have a complete SEO package and strategy for your business to cut through the noise and be heard by the people you want to hear from.

Magnani will be covering many topics within the realm of social media.


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