Is iBeacon the Next QR Code?

Jeff Thodal

Technology continues to provide new avenues for marketers to reach both existing and potential customers. But are these technological advances welcomed by the masses, or easily diverted and consciously ignored?Could the iBeacon go the way of the QR Code?
Take iBeacon, Apple’s implementation of wireless technology and a gateway to the next level of geotargeting. While the idea of geotargeting itself isn’t new, it has yet to be used effectively, in my opinion. The idea and implementation still feels very spammy! Every marketer wants to get their message out to a targeted audience in a relevant manner, and customers don’t seem to mind timely deals and an easy way to pay for them. But is want enough?

Like the QR code, which was never widely adopted and often proved difficult to use–iBeacon requires effort by consumers; app download, enable notifications and a Bluetooth connection. Could iBeacon meet the same fate or will it be a true breakthrough, work effectively and become a marketer’s dream?

If the required apps are bundled correctly with Apple’s products, iBeacon has a chance at taking geotargeting to the next level and open new doors for marketers. Apple users are very loyal and often leaders in the tech space. But if iBeacon proves too difficult to use, it will never become mainstream and marketers will continue to seek ways to effectively geotarget. What do you think? Let us know.


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