Top 5 Baby Brain Hacks


Baby brain: a term used to describe the idea that pregnancy or early motherhood can harm a woman’s memory and ability to think.
Going back to work after having a baby can be challenging, to say the least.

While the condition of baby brain has been widely debunked by the medical community, many mothers, including myself, feel all of those mental slips.

Did I remember to shower?

I fed the baby, right?

Did I really leave the groceries in the car?

Returning to work after mommy boot camp (or maternity leave as many refer to it) reveals your clunky, forgetful baby brain to coworkers, clients and the general public. This can be problematic and embarrassing. To help combat the onset of this affliction, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 baby brain hacks.

1. Don’t just organize, keep organized.

No, you won’t remember to do it later. It will only come back to you one week later while you’re feeding baby at 1:00am. Send yourself a reminder email. Set an alarm on your smart phone. Keep a written list in a notebook that you always have with you. Download a reminder or list app onto your smart phone (I like this one Future you will appreciate these helpful reminders and your peers will think your baby brain has been cured!

2. Write it down.

Again, you won’t remember it later. You’ll have a hard time remembering what your coworker mentioned in that big meeting yesterday. Devise a system of note taking that works for you. Perhaps you can keep folders, or tabbed pages in a notebook. is a great online tool that isn’t just a brilliant way to collect notes, but also to organize them and locate them later.

3. Put your phone away.

I’m slowly distancing myself from my phone, Facebook, Twitter, news sites, Pinterest, etc. It’s a time-suck and a brain-suck, too. It’s a good idea to put aside a small amount of time during the day for burying your face in your smartphone. Most of the time, I let my husband catch me up on the day’s events at the dinner table.

4. Just let it go. Give each task your full attention.

For me, this is the most difficult to conquer. I know we live in a multi-tasking world, but staying on task will help your brain from cracking under the pressure. If someone interrupts you, take a deep breath and give them your full attention. The breath really helps!

5. Mourn your pre-baby life and embrace your new self. 

In an instant, your life is changed. A fact many can’t fully understand until they become a parent. It seems that everything shifts. Your priorities, schedules, sleep patterns, interests. You know, basically, the things that make you, YOU. Try not to dwell on how you used to approach life, but rather try to embrace life’s new priorities.


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