Hilton Hotels Says ‘Yes’ to Smartphone Room Entry

Jeff Thodal

Hilton Hotels is going to be one of the first major hotel chains to leverage smartphones as key cards. Recently, Hilton Hotels announced they will adopt the use of smartphones as key cards. And they hope to install smartphone room entry technology in all their hotels world-wide by the end of 2016. Pretty ambitious an, as to my knowledge, they are the first major hotel brand to adopt this type technology.

What’s more, Hilton is creating their own security technology involving the use of smartphones to make this a reality. Will the other major brands soon to follow? Or is Hilton taking a chance in leading the way?

With the rapid adoption of mobile check-in and check-out by various brands and the increased usage of smartphones by consumers, this is a logical next step. And one that affords numerous possibilities for hotel marketing and operations, from varied check-in and check-out times to instantaneous delivery of requests prior to arrival or timely coupons and offers once the phone unlocks the door.

It will be interesting to see if additional announcements are made in the coming months by other hotel brands that don’t want to fall behind or regarding updates made to existing digital assets. What the future holds is hard to say when it comes to digital, but the one thing we do know is the future is now and it is constantly changing the hospitality and hotel landscape.


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