Southwest Airlines Doubles Down on Heart

Justin Jurek

Southwest Doubles Down on Heart
I love flying Southwest. There’s a “we’re all in this together” honesty to their experience that’s missing in so many other airlines. Their research must show I’m not alone in my assessment, because with the rebrand announced Monday, Southwest is doubling down on an attribute that gives it a leg up on its competition…Heart.

On Monday, Southwest Airlines revealed an updated brand look. The logo, livery (that’s the paint job on airplanes) and website have all received a refresh. It’s centered (literally) on the idea of Heart. That at the center of the Southwest experience are people with a passion for helping you get from Point A to Point B. And that’s a smart move.

Southwest has always prided itself on the best customer service in the business. With recent news placing the airline in the company of it’s stodgier competition (I’m looking at you United and American), I applaud the effort to refocus their business on their passengers and employees. It’s a brand refresh that rings true.

As for the graphics themselves, the logotype is friendly, if not uninspired. It’s the new symbol has the potential for greater impact. In an age of avatars and Instagrams, reducing the company philosophy into a singular, highly shareable mark is a smart strategy. The decision to paint the mark on the belly of each plane is a brilliant piece of design (nice work there, Lippincott).

All in all, it’s a great place to (re) start. As with all rebrands, time will tell if it has staying power.


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