Why Your Hotel’s Positioning is More Important than Ever

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Stand Out from the Crowdwith Your Hotel’s Positioning


Hotel positioning has never been more important as more and more hotels are following each other's marketing lead. Which means if you get you hotel's positioning correct, you can win big.

The amount of distraction and noise within the current hotel marketplace is at an all-time high. As new hotels are being built and new hotel brands seemingly appear daily, it is becoming harder for your potential consumers to differentiate you from your competition.

Recent marketing efforts by hotels have focused primarily on how to best advertise low rates, hoping to capitalize on a budget-driven market. With such a significant focus on rates, many hotels have moved away from differentiating themselves outside of dollar signs. To have true differentiation, your hotel requires a clear, benefit-oriented positioning pulled through all marketing and service aspects.

A surprising find is, despite positioning being a backbone of marketing, few hotels have true positioning in place. Instead, hotels are utilizing overproduced photography and generic, leisure buzzwords and phrases to sell their properties and receive better search engine optimization.

Unfortunately, these tactics rarely create differentiation. Instead, your potential customers become confused when attempting to figure out what sets your hotel positioning apart.

A good example of this lack of positioning can be seen in the top Caribbean hotels according to Business Insider for 2014. Looking at each hotel listed is almost like looking at the same hotel…from 10 different angles. Based on the hotels’ websites and descriptions, a consumer could pick one at random and have the same experience.

To stand out, you need to separate yourself from the pack. Differentiation certainly isn’t easy in today’s crowded hotel market. When thinking about your positioning, use these basic questions to get started:

  • Do I have a clear positioning?
  • Will consumers be able to differentiate me from my competitors?
  • Am I viewed as better?
  • Am I offering a motivating benefit to book?
  • Is the benefit unique?

Hopefully the answers are, “Yes” to each of these. If not, time spent developing a greater positioning strategy and focusing on your differentiation is well worth it. So, use these questions as a starting point and let’s get you heard.


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