B2B Businesses Use Social Media…Don’t They?


B2B Businesses have traditionally been thought of as "non-social media" users, however new data shows they are using social media.
Even though hundreds of millions of users* exist across many social media networks, the traditional thought about B2B businesses, in the social media realm, is they are some of the last ones to enter, let alone use social media.

However, since so many people currently use social media, this traditional thought has always had a limited amount of time before it became a traditional myth.

See, B2B businesses do use social media. 62% of B2B businesses responding to HubSpot’s State of Inbound Marketing study stated they generated connections to customers through LinkedIn, 53% through Facebook and 44% through Twitter.

While plenty of B2B businesses continue to see the benefit of social media, especially when it integrates with current marketing and communications initiatives, holes still exist in B2B social strategies. So, let’s clear up some things:

Don’t just make a Linkedin page.

LinkedIn in huge for B2B businesses. However, creating a page with your logo and some copy isn’t all you should be doing with the outlet. Join groups, comment on other pages and post content regularly.

Get real.

You can’t simply create a page and expect people to show up to it. Activity on any social network is key. It shows several things; your company is a real company, your company has thoughts and opinions (meaning your real company has real people working for it), and your real company really engages with customers.

Be social.

LinkedIn is great, but if you’re taking the time to post, comment or share, then you can quickly do so on at least one more outlet. Look at creating an integrated approach to a few social networks to increase your reach.

Measure and align.

One of the keys to continued success, customer acquisition and sales is identifying your key performance indicators at the onset of social engagement. Be sure these measurement align with your business goals in order to optimize your social strategy. Define what will be most beneficial to measure first, and then make sure you do it!

Use these tips to get your B2B business going on social media. Besides, everyone else already has it.

*1.23 billion users on Facebook; 650 million users on Twitter; 540 million users on Google+, 300 million users on LinkedIn, 70 million users on Pinterest.


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