#AdWeekChat Round Up: What Are the Right Ways to Market to Millennials?


AdWeek hosts a chat every week called AdWeekChat.
If you don’t participate in AdWeek’s weekly chat session (Wednesdays, 2 p.m. EST), called #AdWeekChat (clever, I know) then you are missing out some great conversations.

The way the process works is AdWeek throws out a question linked to #adweekchat. Users respond to AdWeek with the hashtag and an answer to the proposed question.

This Wednesday, AdWeek and a lot of Twitter users dove right into the interesting conversation “What Are the Right Ways to Market to Millennials?

If you missed it, you are in luck. We gathered some responses for a bit of a round up of with the questions asked by AdWeek and some of the funnier, more interesting and thought provoking responses from those who participated.


#AdWeekChat Question 1


#AdWeekChat Question 2


#AdWeekChat Question 3


#AdWeekChat Question 4


#AdWeekChat Question 5


#AdWeekChat Question 6


#AdWeekChat Question 7


Tune in next week using #adweekchat and join the conversation.


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