Social Media Summary: Snapcash is Now a Thing


If you have attempted to follow all of the algorithm modifications, policy changes and redesigns of an update to a redesigned timeline, you may be closer to an aneurysm than to actually understanding what all the social networks have been up to. And we’re just talking about the last week, people!
I have culled the news on the social networks to provide a brief glimpse into all the big changes, so you don’t have to. You can thank me later. Actually, thank me now. Go ahead…

Snapcash is Snapchat's new function, which allows users to quickly send money through the app to other users.Snapchat

Snapchat made a huge move this week by allowing their users to send each other cash through the social channel. And by “cash” I don’t mean physical cash. I mean “cash” like, “Hey, can you pay me cash through PayPal?”

Anyway, the name of this function? Snapcash. Yes, it has “cash” in the title.

And real cash is not exchanged (as we just clarified).

With Twitter and Facebook looking to allow their user bases’ to do the same type of monetary transactions, it seems Snapchat has beat the bigger boys to the punch.


You know how we all have been clamoring for a new app for Facebook? Considering how well Messenger was accepted, I am surprised more people weren’t begging for another app from Facebook.

Well, our wishes have finally been granted, because Facebook launched their new Groups App! Seriously though, who wants this? Well, regardless of demand, we have it now.

Thanks Facebook!

Also, Facebook is getting ready to launch their new enterprise platform “Facebook at Work”. Yes, now you can say that you “Facebook at Work” because you can actually share documents and groups projects through the platform.

This platform definitely has its sights set on LinkedIn, but will also try to take a chunk out of Google’s enterprising endeavors as well

Likewise, Facebook is now allowing companies to add smiley faces and sad faces to describe the mood of the office. Seriously, thanks Facebook! 😀 (I’m not being serious.)


The enterprise social channel, with its new look (they can’t seem to decide on what they want) was fairly quiet this week.

They did launch, on Thursday the ability to add specific certifications to your profile. LinkedIn has teamed up with a number of certification providers to have specific and accurate certifications presented.

Regardless, look for them make some noise in the coming weeks as Facebook, Google and others start snarling at their gates in an effort to breakdown LinkedIn’s market share.


After the social channel posted smaller-than-expected growth numbers in October, Twitter is feeling the need to flex its muscle in order to raise its slumped stock.

How do they show it off? By allowing their users to search every tweet ever sent through the social network.


Pinterest has been quiet this week on the heels of huge news last week where the social channel posted about doubling the size of their male user base.

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