Picture Perfect? Nikon Campaign Aims for Millennials


Thanks to technology, communication has been getting faster and faster over the years.Nikon is looking to connect with Millennials through their new campaign. But will it hit the mark?
Early forms of communication took time to create and were icon based, as with hieroglyphics. It evolved with the written word for the better part of 2,000 years which led to the printing press. Skip to the photograph, telephone, radio, the motion picture etc. Today, we’re seeing an evolution back to icon and single image with the Millennial generation. Sounds like a pretty sweet evolution if your business is built upon capturing said images, like Nikon.

A recent New York Times article highlighted that Nikon and their agency, McCann Erickson, are building a campaign – “I am Generation Image” – based on the insight that
Millennials are not only capturing more pictures than any generation, it’s their preferred form of communication as evidenced by the popularity of Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest.

It’s a great insight to target and build a campaign around – reminiscent of VW’s “Think Small” and Nike’s “Just Do It” – insight driven campaigns. But it’s a half truth in that it’s missing the seamless share option that we’ve been led to expect from our devices. It’s possible with their D-SLR line-up, but it’s a clunky multi-step process and requires a plug-in. And the UX built into the camera controls is still unnecessarily complicated.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the quality of D-SLR cameras over tablet/phone built-in cameras but they’re not there yet to make strong inroads with casual Millennials. The price and mobility limitations aside, there is a long way to go for this product to be accessible.

Until the experience is seamless and supported by a more intuitive UX, optimizing their experiments with Android on their larger format cameras, I’m not seeing large scale success with Millennials.


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