Smart Watches: Not Just for Dudes Anymore?


The Apple Watch looks to make wearables not just for guys anymore.

The Apple Watch looks to make wearables not just for guys anymore.

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As we wait for Apple’s iWatch to hit the market, we felt it was time to ask, what is the target market for a smart watch?If you have any smart watch users in your immediate vicinity, you will notice that currently a narrow demographic favors this distinctive wearable technology. That would be the top 25 percent wealthiest males, ages 25 to 34. Not surprising. This demo tends to be early adopters to technology. They have disposable income, usually, and why not spend it on the latest/coolest piece of technology?

But, how might that change with the launch of the Apple Watch?

51 percent of iPhone users are female. And, the Apple Watch will need to tether to an iPhone to be fully functional. And Apple has been wise enough to create a model of it’s watch designed specifically for smaller wrists. Suddenly, we are seeing broadly potential demographic with similar disposable income and a similar want to keep up on the latest trends.

Considering smart watches and fitness bands have only moved about two million units (as of December 2014), and analysts are now predicting Apple will sell more than six million of it’s new wrist bauble, expect Apple to eclipse Android’s share of wearables, and the demographics of the marketplace to be decidedly more gender balanced.


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