Research: 10 Insights from ‘How Do CMOs Use Twitter’ Report


Thanks to Leadtail, in partnership with Neustar, a new 33-page report answers a distinct question: How Do Chief Marketing Officers Use Twitter?

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Twitter is a marketer’s platform. Succinct and purposeful (at least it should be, to be successful on the platform). Twitter can be a tool to perfect a marketer’s communication skills.

Hence why this study, which analyzed the Twitter messaging of 1,034 CMOs in B2B and B2C sectors, is a good bit of data to look at and process.

The analysis focuses on more than 131,000 messages sent to figure out how CMOs engage with people, their brands and influencers.

10 highlights from the report:

1. CMOs continue to try and find strategical insights from any source they can, and Twitter is no exception.

2. CMOs are getting closer to their CIOs as marketing continues to involve technological applications and measurements.

3. What is B2B and B2C marketing continues to blur, yet CMOs in the B2B world concentrate on marketing technology while CMOs in the B2C world keep their sites on brand.

4. In case you thought you were the only one NOT using location-based “check-in” apps, don’t worry, no one is! Two years ago, Use of Foursquare check-ins were at 28%. Now, this is just at 5%.

5. However, LinkedIn has become THE platform for cross posting in a CMO’s  world. This practice is up 200% since the report was ran two years ago.

6. CMOs are just like regular people too, which means video and images have higher engagement rates with this audience.

7. CMOs insight and information tends to come from a relatively small group of sources.

8. CMOs love their personal brand, and love to to talk about how great other CMOs are.

9. People, CMOs included, are starting to finally figure out that the type of audience you have is better than just a larger audience.

10. Social media insights and analytics are helping CMOs recognize influencers and new sources to gather insight and data.


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