Report: 5 Insights on ‘How CFOs Use Twitter’


Recently, we released a post highlighting 10 insights from a report on how CMOs use Twitter.

The fact that Chief Marketing Officers are on Twitter, and while the report offered great insights, it didn’t throw out massive surprises. However, hearing “Chief Finance Officers” and “Twitter use” in the same sentence bears paying an increased level of attention.

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I took a look at the report, which was conducted by Leadtail and Intacct. The report focused on 501 North American CFOs or senior finance executives who are active on Twitter.

They analyzed more than 48,000 tweet and more than 25,000 shared links. CFOs, go figure, aren’t hugely popular on Twitter, as their median number of followers was only 218.

So, what does this report tell us?

1.     CFOs, unlike the CMOs in the earlier report, are new to social media and definitely new to Twitter. CFOs shared quite a bit of “green field” topics while other CFOs found this an opportunity to claim the outlet as their own.

2.     Just like everyone else, CFOs, use Twitter to not only discuss their professional views, opinions and insights, but they also post and share content on politics, sports and current events.

3.     You know mobile is a thing. I know mobile is a thing. CFOs also know mobile is a thing and even though they have a “buttoned-up” connotations toward their job title, they look to Youtube and Instagram more than even LinkedIn, when it comes to sharing content.

4.     Focusing on this “buttoned-up” concept, CFOs seem to use social media in a more open way, where then tend to reveal more personal interests and thoughts and other C-level members.

5.     Hashtag use is a thing for CFOs! Probably my favorite part of the report, but Leadtail and Intacct show the common use of hashtags for CFOs, CIOs, and CMOs. Guess what the top hashtag for each C-level is? #CFO, #CIO and #CMO.

The biggest (and frankly the most obvious) take away from this report (and the previous CMO report) is that social media continues to be a massive influence on everyone, regardless of job title, seniority or experience in the use of social media.


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