This Year's Super Bowl Crop...Meh.

YouTube has posted every ad aired during last night's big game. After re-examining this year's offering, I have to say... not so impressed. In the plus column, fewer ads featured men getting hit in the junk. So, thanks? But in the minus column, nothing particularly stood out. As usual, it was a sea of bland punctuated by the inane. Aside from a simply executed but mildly touching Google ad (and does Google really need to advertise) and one truly bizarre ad from Emerald Nuts and Pop Secret (which was the night's winner, in my humble opinion, see below), nothing's really sticking.


This begs two larger and now perennial questions:

1) Is the era of great Super Bowl ads dead?

2) What is the continued financial benefit to running a :30 Super Bowl spot when your company runs the risk of,  at best, being completely ignored and, at worst, being picked apart by the blogosphere the next day?

I've got my thoughts, but what do you think?