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Narrative-Based Design Thinking Drives Digital Transformation

Chicago, IL – November 15, 2018 – Magnani, an experience design and strategy firm in Chicago, is speaking at the Innovation Enterprise Summit on November 29. The conference attracts chief technology officers and other technology professionals from the nation’s biggest brands such as Mastercard, eBay, Wells Fargo, The Home Depot and more.

In their session, “Why Your Technology Team Needs to Tell More Stories,” Justin Daab, president, and Christy Hogan Hutchinson, VP of strategy and account planning, will share how storytelling enhances the innovation process and creates a shared vision within an organization. Addressing the most common charges and challenges facing enterprise technology teams, the talk will provide a theoretical and practical framework for addressing those challenges with narrative-based innovation, including:

  • Its role in evaluating, communicating and garnering internal support for innovative customer experiences
  • How stories document emotional requirements beyond the functional and technical requirements
  • How the act of creating a story forces prioritization and clarity of design

This framework has been used for clients such as CableLabs, CNA, Molina Healthcare, Navistar, Kemper, @properties and more, to help drive more desirable, feasible and sustainable innovation and digital transformation projects.

“Truly innovative experiences are by nature unfamiliar at first,” said Magnani’s Daab. “Stories are, and have always been, the most efficient way to communicate intention and context, and build consensus and cooperation among large groups, like dev teams or executive suites.”

About Magnani

Magnani is an experience design and strategy firm in Chicago. Since 1985, Magnani has made it easier for innovators, technology teams and marketers in highly technical and complex businesses to deliver the most effective and engaging brand experiences.

In 2018, Magnani was named: Inc. Best Workplaces 2018, Top 15 UX Companies in the U.S. by UpCity, Top UX/UI Designers by, Top Marketing Consultants in the USA by UpCity, #2 by Agency Spotter

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Magnani is an experience design and strategy firm that crafts transformational digital experiences to delight users and deliver sustainable competitive market advantages for our clients.


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