June 24, 2016

The Fully Automated Marketing Campaign?

Human Factor

All of our online movements are collated and quantified. Ads, links, content, products and even other people are presented to us based on our digital activities. These activates allow for digital campaigns to become more and more data reliant and automated. These articles make it seem like the role of humans is diminishing and soon entire marketing campaigns will be built and managed solely by AI. But don’t count out human creativity just yet.   …

May 12, 2014

Why I’m bearish about wearables as the next thing (for now).

Justin Daab

Before I talk about the impending wearables market in specific, let me start by offering one possible theory of technological evolution: everything technological eco-system eventually moves to the lowest possible energy state. I mean that both literally (energy consumption) and figuratively (mental effort, etc.). New innovations catch on, or don’t, because they can fill an existing understood need or displace an existing “gadget” in a manner that results a lower expenditure of energy. That could …