The Technical Requirements of Launching Your Own Podcast


When it comes to your podcast you’ve established the content calendar, decided on the hosts, booked your guests, identified the target audience, and determined the topics as well as the title. Now it’s time to start recording. But how do you take your podcast from conception to an iTunes subscription? 

In Part II of our podcast preparation Erin Diehl and Allison Keller of Improve It are back in the studio to quiz host Michael Dennis on all of the technical aspects of launching a podcast. With nearly 60 episodes of the Chicago Marketing Podcast under his belt Michael shares all of the tips and tricks he’s learned with his guests and with you. In this week’s episode you’ll hear all about:

  • how to select the correct portable recording devices
  • setting up your mics
  • which accessories make podcast recording easier
  • audio editing platforms & options
  • which website(s) to host your podcast
  • how to sync with iTunes
  • iTunes technical requirements
  • and much more!

For more on Erin Diehl and Improve It check out their website:


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