You mastered content marketing. Is it time for retargeting?

Justin Daab

It’s happened to all of us.

It’s happened to all of us—you put a pair of shoes in an online shopping cart, then decide better of the purchase and leave the site—only to see ads for those very shoes appear everywhere on the web or your social media feeds. That’s the result of retargeting. Basically it’s the method through which programmatic ad networks use the cookies, pixels and related data stored in your browser cache to deliver highly personalized and customized display ads. If used properly, it can be highly effective in turning interest into conversion. That’s why 25% of the top 1000 online retailers regularly turn to the technique. So, you might be asking, what retargeting approaches might make sense for your business? 


Target potential customers members based on their search history

Most businesses have a very specific set of search terms around which they’re optimizing their site content. Beyond the opportunities available through search engine marketing, retargeting lets you reach potential customers well beyond the time spent on their initial search.


Target potential customers based on consumption of related content

If you have affiliate relationships with other organizations or businesses, you may have an opportunity to “trade pixels” with those sites to further increase your mutual ability to retarget users based on their access to those related sites. If a potential customer visits your partner’s site, then you can track the presence of that pixel and present retargeted messages to them, even if they have never visited yours.


Target potential customers who have already shown an interest in your content

If you have spent the last few years honing your content marketing programs to attract potential new customers to your site, retargeting can provide post-engagement reinforcement. Applying budget dollars to retargeting only those prospects that have chosen at least once to engage with your content can significantly reduce the waste associated with less-targeted, run-of-network advertising.


Target potential customers who started to convert but never finished

If a potential customer has gone as far as accessing a contact form or adding to a now abandoned shopping cart, retargeting allows you to present highly targeted messaging, and encouraging them to return or offer a promotional incentive.


Target potential members on your email lists

Email retargeting works similarly to site retargeting, but targets email subscribers rather than website visitors. It can be as simple as adding some additional code to your email or email signature, and anyone who opens your it can be served your messaging all across the web. It can help increase visibility of your business for anyone on your email list without increasing the number of emails—which can increase your unsubscribes.


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