Santa’s Social Media Wish List


Dear Santa,

In spite of all the craziness that 2016 brought us I am confident in saying that I have been very good this year. And with my inclusion on your “Good List”, I am asking you to step in and help clean up the digital world. Santa Claus, you are the only person who can fulfill my social media wish list. Here’s what I want for Christmas.


3rd Party Standards

A single month can’t go by without a story breaking about Facebook and their unreliable metrics and reporting. Couple that constant unreliability with a lack of universal standards and we’re stuck trying to reconcile who has seen our content and what an impression means on Facebook with what an impression means on Twitter. Simply put, there are no universal standards of reporting and monitoring. What we need is a Nielsen system for digital media. Please help unify social media metrics and reporting so we can create better content.


Something New

Instagram copies Snapchat with their “Stories” feature. Snapchat rips off Google with their Snapchat Spectacles. Instagram incorporates Snapchat’s remaining unique features into Instagram. Is it too much to ask for a single original idea or innovation in 2017?


Invites & Messages

I’ve never understood why a business page doesn’t have the ability to message or invite all of its fans. I know the official reason messaging and invites aren’t an option is because Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram don’t want their users feeling spammed. But isn’t that for them to decide? After all, these are people that made a decision to be in greater contact with a brand and went out of their way to follow it. Shouldn’t there be the ability to deliver even the most basic of messages to them? If you’re worried about spam, then limit each business page to one or two messages/invites per month. Organic reach on Facebook is in a continuous freefall and we can’t even be sure if our content is reaching the 2%-3% of our fans that we are told to expect. Please, Santa! Give us the ability to speak directly to our fans.  


Ditch the Reaction Buttons

They’re awful. They’re useless. They’re used by 1% of users. New Coke was more well-liked. Even Google Plus is more useful and popular then Facebook Reaction Buttons. Scratch that. Never mind. Nothing is more useless or less popular than Google Plus, but please ditch the Reaction Buttons nonetheless.


Consolidated Apps

Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Mentions, Hello – Caller ID, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages Manager, Facebook Workplace, Stickered for Messenger, Sounds Clips for Messenger, Selfied for Manager, Facebook Ads Manager, Work Chat, and Facebook Moments are all official Facebook apps that are currently available in the App Store. Santa, please gift me a single Facebook app that does everything Facebook does, not 13 of them. 


More Dog Videos

There are too many cat videos on social media. Cats are cranking out so much great and shareable content that they’re leaving dogs in the dust. 2017 needs to be the year of the adorable doggy.


Thank you so much for your time, Mr. Claus. If you’d prefer anything other than milk and cookies, feel free to tweet us your preference at @Magnani_Dot_Com. Have a safe flight. 


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