Six Rules of Marketing for Surviving Thanksgiving Weekend at Home.


Thanksgiving is finally here. That most American of holidays that brings families together from all corners of the country to feign interest in each other’s opinions and lives for a few hours. Even though we’re all going to spend the weekend stuck in traffic and conversing with people with whom we share nothing other than a mutual relation, don’t fret marketers! There is a way to ensure your holiday weekend will be relatively pain free. Follow these six rules of marketing to survive Thanksgiving weekend at home.

Prioritize your time
You can’t market to everyone and on every channel. You have to pick and choose your platforms and narrow down your target audience. The same goes for dinner at Nana’s house. You can’t have an in-depth conversation with everyone, and let’s be honest, you don’t want to either. Go into dinner with a target audience. Target like-minded relatives. Someone who’s drinking is on pace with yours and begin to directly engage. You’ll enjoy bonding over the meal and you’ll also avoid confrontations with certain family members who have a wealth of opinions on the election and “your generation”.

Have a plan
A marketing campaign without a plan is sure to fail so why not apply this thinking to Thanksgiving dinner? If you don’t have a plan of attack you’ll end up drinking the leftover skunk beer, sitting in the cat’s spot 50 yards from the TV and chatting with Uncle Festus. Go in with a plan of attack! Claim a good seat on the couch and at the table. Have someone on the inside of all the kitchen action so you’ll know when to expect hors d’oeuvres and the main course. Go in with a “hard out” too. Tell everyone you have plans to see a movie with old friends that night so you have a set, built-in departure. This will keep the night moving and get you out the door at a reasonable hour.

You pay attention to what your clients, customers and superiors all have to say to you. Show Aunt Carol the same respect.

Don’t over-do it
You wouldn’t recommend a client send four email blasts in one day or post to social fifteen times an hour. Use that same “less is more” approach when it comes family conversations. Don’t pipe up every time a relative says something. Pick your spots and step in when you have something good to say.

Have a little fun!
Use the same quick wit, creative brilliance and client management skills that made you a successful marketer to be a gracious and magnanimous guest. If you pretend to have a little fun you might even have some accidentally. You may even be able to talk yourself into some increased inheritance.

Go full-on Don Draper
If all else fails, just start pounding liquor like a Mad Man. And don’t worry, Thanksgiving is only a few hours long and you won’t have to see these people again until next year.

Michael Dennis, Digital Strategist and Content Creator


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