The Fully Automated Marketing Campaign?

Human Factor

All of our online movements are collated and quantified. Ads, links, content, products and even other people are presented to us based on our digital activities. These activates allow for digital campaigns to become more and more data reliant and automated. These articles make it seem like the role of humans is diminishing and soon entire marketing campaigns will be built and managed solely by AI. But don’t count out human creativity just yet.


How do you deliver the right content to the right people? A proprietary learning machine curates articles and videos and identifies trending topics and audiences in real-time. This allows advertisers to hit their target with powerful and effective placements. Read more at Campaign.


With every product or service, there are going to be customers who have questions. And we need to have trained staff on-hand to answer those personalized questions, right? Wrong. The Chatbots are coming. Learn more at Adweek.


Automated advertising platforms analyze millions of bits of data to increase engagement, profits, and ROI. This technology shows incredible potential using location and mobile to sync advertising of all media types; outdoor, print, and digital. An ‘omnichannel’ is being created. One that allows us to plan, implement, and alter campaigns centrally in real-time across multiple channels.


Have you ever tried the Content Generator?


I know what you’re thinking, “AI can tell us what a person wants to see and how we get it to them but it can never be artistic.” Think again. Google is out to take the job of visual designers too. Read all about it at The Next Web.


Your projects can now have instant, original, custom soundtracks all created on-demand by AI. Don’t believe me? Have Jukedeck mix you up a jam.


Technology is rapidly changing and prognosticators can predict where the future will lead us but it is all still speculation. Smart marketers who feel compelled to build and who have a passion for breaking through will continue to be the driving force behind every successful campaign on earth. These marketers will just have new tools to aid in their success.


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