TL;DR Erodes Marketing Effectiveness


  “This is great dude, but I only read 140 characters at a time.”

“This is great dude, but I only read 140 characters at a time.”

With 18% of Millennials identifying their digital consumption habits as “mobile only” and more than 56% of B2B customers reading reviews on their mobile devices, it’s definitely time to rethink traditional long-form insurance content. If you’re an agent, broker or a carrier that spends any portion of your budget developing this kind of content, it may be time to review the types of materials you’re developing, the format in which they appear and how you’re exchanging them with your insureds.


Recent surveys show that  95% of B2B buyers indicate they prefer short, easy-to-digest content, rather than longer-form pieces. And, 72% of B2B respondents also indicate they spend less time devoted to reading and research. Which is why the TL;DR (too long, didn’t read) acronym may be more applicable to the insurance industry than just about any other (excepting legal, of course). So, what can an insurance marketer do to help break these old habits and prove the case for shorter, more effective content?


Segmenting and documenting the content and media consumption habits and preferences for all of your segments is a good place to start. Knowing that the needs and wants of the dedicated risk managers are quantifiably different than the CFO for a small or middle market company, and the priority of these different types of customers on your bottom line, impacts the type of content you should produce and the investment you make in both. It sounds like marketing basics 101, but we’re constantly surprised at how few companies (large and small) approach content with a “one size fits all” content approach.



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