Immersive experiences for virtually any budget

Thanks to inexpensive viewers like Google Cardboard, smartphones are capable of delivering truly immersive VR experiences. From simple 360º photo viewers, to interactive immersive video tours and fully interactive product demonstrations or games, Magnani creates amazing experiences your customers will love.

A transparent development process

  1. First, we'll determine scope and goals. Then provide a fully detailed estimate and timeline. Next we would engage in a combination of storyboarding and UX/UI wireframing.

  2. When the project is completed, we can upload to the Apple and Google app stores or provide you with all visual assets and project repositories you need to compile and upload it yourself.
  3. Finally, we finalize the design, develop the UX/UI and program the cardboard application for iOS and Android.

  4. Then we create the assets we will need to bring your experience to life—that could mean gathering and taking inventory assets you already own, shooting 360 photography or video, or creating new 3D models from scratch.

Ok, how much does this cost?

Much like web projects, VR costs can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the project. Below we’ve listed some ballpark figures:

  • Basic 360º Immersive video — $2,000

  • Interactive 360º Immersive photo/video tour — $4,000 and up

  • Original 3D content —$15,000 and up

  • 3D Product or Process Visualization—$25,000 and up

  • Basic Mobile App— $4,000 - $8,000

  • Customized Mobile App— $5,000 - $70,000 and up

  • Fully Immersive VR environment: $70,000 and up

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