The challenge.

Outwork, outwit, outcompete

Outspent by carriers with personal lines, business insurer CNA had to break the rules—gaining clout and influence without a corresponding bump in budget. They turned to Magnani to help build their credibility audience see them as an experienced, solid and trusted player in the market. But appearing prudent requires actual prudence. So, as their full-service advertising agency, it was our task to make the greatest impact within the company’s judicial budget constraints.

The breakthrough.

Only influence those with influence

Our answer started with research—examining markets, targets and distribution to unearth ways to connect with CNA’s most valuable audience. We helped the company draw up a new brand positioning, global brand strategy and compelling content strategy focused primarily on independent agents and brokers, the true influencers in the business insurance market.

Next, we set about putting every point of marketing communications in alignment with tested brand positioning. Essentially, we helped CNA create an advertising and content strategy to deliver relevant value to agents through every last flyer, banner ad, interactive web experience, white paper, phone call and on-site event across the country.

The results.

Driving retention, powering constant evolution

Narrowing the focus and aligning tactics helped CNA stretch its budget. This, in turn, helped CNA retain key blocks of customers in competitive industry segments. (For example, the company achieved a 90% retention rate among roofers, a 7% increase over previous years.) The work itself earned attention and awards. As our partnership has deepened, we have continued to help refine and transition CNA into a more measurable and digital-oriented marketing operation.