A unique, narrative-driven approach to design thinking and innovation.

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Magnani is an experience design and strategy firm.

Stories are the basis for how we connect as people. We apply storytelling principles to the design thinking process to create a deeper understanding and empathy with customers, to create a compelling vision of how to solve their challenges, and help organizations and their customers rally around that vision.

We innovate.

Great design begins with a deep knowledge of and empathy for people. We uncover their stories, gain inspiration, and reveal opportunities to improve how they navigate the world. We gather design thinkers, internal stakeholders, strategists, artists, thought leaders, technologists, and experts from multiple disciplines to engage fully in defining and solving challenges for people. And we look beyond the obvious next step and craft the most compelling story of future opportunities and experiences and plot the smartest path to sustainable growth.

Consumer & Market Insights

Product & Service Ideation

Feature Set Development & Evaluation

Market Sizing & Segmentation


We design.

We prototype, iterate, test and refine. Early and often. To ensure the innovative experiences we envision, design and develop are as engaging and friction-free as they are forward-thinking. And that they ultimately create a competitive advantage that drives future business success.

Journey Mapping


UI/UX Design, Development & Testing

Conversion Rate Optimization

We inspire.

We create the brand platforms, messaging, marketing plans, digital properties, creative concepts, and campaigns that drive awareness, preference, and customer engagement.

Vision Statements

Brand Development

Positioning Strategy

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Creative Campaigns


“Magnani is a true visionary in their industry.”

Joe Puskarz
Director of Journal Publishing
American Academy of Pediatrics

“CableLabs is in the business of innovation, and through our work with Magnani we have been able to identify new and compelling offerings through a unique combination of end user analysis, strategic thinking and experience design.”

Anju Ahuja
Market Development & Product Management for Innovation and R&D

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