Are your legacy technology structures your biggest threat?

For many insurance companies, large capital investments in data and systems are always lagging. Even if you’ve made substantial investments in this area, at the rate technology is advancing, you’re most likely already outdated. How do you create a workaround? It may seem counterintuitive, but the answer to addressing your technology lag, may actually begin with your customers. 

To start, you need to understand how potential customers are researching and engaging with brands and other B2B and B2C considered purchases. Digital and content strategies should consider new technologies that can help you leapfrog your existing legacy requirements and more quickly deliver a timely and more engaging experience, independent of creaking old infrastructures. We’ve found agile development models can help you build an adaptive, multi-functional app launched in fewer than eight weeks, which helps stimulate development across the entire digital enterprise. 

What does it take to get this done? Our experience has proven the following to be essential:

  • A solid understanding of the needs, behaviors and preferences of existing and desired customers
  • Updated data and information on how your customers are engaging and interacting with your digital presence (including social media)
  • Internal IT and marketing teams that can establish a shared vision,  comprehension of your brand and business goals
  • An agency partner and/or internal resources that go beyond thinking about user flows and wireframes and focus on providing a user experience that fulfills the needs of the customer versus the goals of the organization
  • A willingness to try new technologies and iterate to continually improve the user experience (eliminating the traditional “one and done” mindset)

Ultimately, insurers need to realize the best defense against future shifts in the business (the growing millennial population, mobile and social media usage and disruption)  is realizing those shifts have already occurred. Keeping pace with those changes by developing for new and emerging marketing technologies instead of trying to fix or perfect your old systems may be the only way to ensure your biggest threat doesn’t come from within your very own server room.

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