Content creation adds to the funnel

Something to think about:
Are you talking about yourself or helping customers get things done?

While a strong blog post or infographic might deliver a high number of likes or even temporarily increase traffic to your website, it may be money poorly spent if your home page or online buying experience isn’t equally compelling or curated around the user’s need. Consider this: 90% of B2B buying activity is over before the seller gets involved. Customers are researching companies and products and making decisions before they ever click on the “contact us” button or emailing for a quote or more information. Insurance marketers need to ensure the customer website experience is just as powerful as the content that got users to your site in the first place. This means:

Curating and personalizing the digital experience whenever possible (landing pages are ideal for tracking SEM efforts).

Going beyond traditional online “brochureware” by understanding the criteria buyers are using to evaluate your brand, and placing messaging and content that’s most relevant to them, most prominently. 

Creating user flows and navigations that reflect and advance the customer path to purchase. How your customers buy is more important than how your organization might be currently structured or how you sell your products and services.

Ensuring you have a solid hierarchy of information on every digital page.

Resisting the temptation to rely on stock photography, which results in a lack of differentiation from your competitors.

While these may seem like fundamental digital practices, we’re constantly surprised by the number of insurance organizations that fail to deliver on one or more of these basic tenets. 

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