Caught between your agency and budget cap? A studio resource might be right for you.

If you have a large volume of smaller graphic design updates that occur on an annual basis—e.g: updating dates or product/item numbers throughout catalogs, creating new sales materials or web pages within existing templates, or, creating multiple variations of pieces for regional or franchise use—incurring standard agency fees can quickly add up to a large budget item.

Some marketing managers turn to freelance designers or production artists to reduce hourly rates, but what happens when the volume of work makes managing multiple freelancers cost efficient but time prohibitive? That’s when it’s time to find an agency studio resource. Agency studio agreements can fit in that space between freelancers and your creative agency.

Freelance rates with single-point-of-contact service

Many creative agencies (ours included) have created in-house studio resources that leverage higher-level project management processes, protocols and efficiencies clients expect from a larger agency, but use studio production artists versus the agency’s higher-level creative directors, art directors or graphic designers. But it is important to understand what of your workload is right for a studio resource.

How do you know if it’s “studio” work versus “agency” work?

The simplest way to understand what work belongs with the studio and which with the agency is to answer the question, “Is there an unambiguous deliverable?” Put alternatively, you know what the end product will be, and can you provide all necessary resources needed to complete that deliverable before you send the assignment. Need to create version of a flyer with 40 different regional office addresses? Studio. Need a new campaign idea or have to solve a prickly user interface problem? Agency.

Maybe it’s not your budget. Maybe it’s your current agency.

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