Is your mobile site killing your business?

Google has 5 critical questions for you about your company’s mobile strategy.

Do you have the answers?

85% of all purchase decisions involve word of mouth recommendations, and 57% of consumers say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. But what constitutes a well-designed mobile experience? Well, Google has used their treasure trove of both search and analytics data to provide direct insights into what your customers want and expect. They created a 40-page web site, called the Mobile Playbook, covering the five questions (along with Google’s answers) any marketer should ask when evaluating their mobile site.  If you have time to read the entire Google site, enjoy. If, like most busy marketers, you don’t…

Here’s a quick synopsis of the questions and our easily-digestible answers.

Question 1: How does mobile change your value proposition?

Short answer: What mobile users value in their experience may differ greatly from general customer needs. You need to prioritize (or limit) your user interface items based on specific, most-common use cases.

Question 2: How does mobile impact your digital destinations?

Short answer: Build mobile first. Optimize the web experience for mobile and then decide on expanded opportunities for desktop. Build a dedicated app for your best customers if it will improve transaction completion or raise switching costs.

Question 3: Is your organization adapting to mobile?

Short answer: If no one is responsible or accountable for the success of the mobile experience, then it is likely your organization is not adapting to the changing digital environment fast enough.

Question 4: How should your marketing adapt to mobile?

Short answer: Use contextual markers (where/when) to refine UX in real time. Understand how mobile can drive behaviors in the real world, e.g. directing users to retail stores for transaction completion. Support your brand messaging with small-screen-friendly video and rich media.

Question 5: How can you connect with multi-screen audiences?

Short answer: Change your perspective—you should realize mobile (not TV) is the first screen in multi-screen campaigns.


Looking for more hints about marketing in the mobile era?

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