Three minutes: 3 Social trends to watch in 2016

Social media is commanding more and more of marketers’ attentions and strategic investments. That’s because social media networks are creating increasingly self-contained ecosystems that garner more of users’ online time. So how will social media marketers up the ante in 2016?

1. Going Real-Time

Start googling terms like “newsjacking” and “real time social” and you find a burgeoning crowd of pundits professing the benefits—some would say necessity—of reacting quickly to local, national or global events being discussed on social media and injecting corporate marketing messaging into consumer conversations. It’s a labor-intensive strategy that definitely requires greater monitoring of the stream as well as decidedly more sensitive and adept engagement tactics. It’s not for the casual social branding team, but, in theory, it represents an opportunity to associate your brand with the most important cultural moments as they happen.

2. The Buy Button

Social media has, since its inception, been one of the greatest “window shopping” tools available. Friends post a picture of their new La-Z-Boy™ on Pinterest or Twitter and you think, “I must have one.” But acquiring this new throne used to require a trip to Google, the manufacturer’s site, or at the least, Amazon. Now, through partnerships between social businesses and retailers, you should be able to click a “buy” button that connects directly with that provider’s e-commerce Application Program Interface (API) and complete the transaction without ever clicking away to the retailer’s site. Watch for even more complicated functionality as social media platforms open their APIs to developers. The goal is to create seamless experiences like discovering a recipe on Pinterest, clicking a button and having ingredients delivered 45 minutes later—or at least have them added to your Amazon Pantry shopping list.

3. Captive Search

Social platforms are increasingly trying to become the walled garden its users never leave. To realize this goal, amplifying their search capabilities. Recently Facebook upgraded their internal search so that rather than confining results to something you might find on a friend’s page, you’ll see search results covering relevant content from all 2 trillion Facebook posts in existence. This not only increases the likelihood you stay in Facebook, it creates geometrically more opportunities for Facebook to serve you more, and more personalized ads. This trend will only increase as social providers seek greater opportunities to monetize their users’ behaviors.

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