Five trends you need to understand before you finalize your 2017 marketing and technology budgets.

Disruption is a word thrown about all too easily in technology circles. But there are dramatic shifts happening in both the way consumers access and interact with information and in the technologies available to connect them to your marketing.

Trend #1: Individual customers represent their own sales funnel

Traditional mass marketing was about casting a wide net, and then, over time, recasting subsequently smaller nets until you had a smaller more manageable net filled with hot leads. It is an approach that has worked, obviously, but it is, by nature, wasteful and does not account for where any single customer might be in their search. With advancements in technologies like tracking pixels, remarketing, email automation, hyper-personalization and beacons, every marketer can and should be building user- and journey-specific messaging that follows each customer literally from first exposure to the point of sale.

Trend #2: Social is a data platform

According to the Direct Marketing Association, even though 47% of marketers see social media offers their greatest near-term marketing opportunities, more than 70% of those same marketers are not collecting data. Social platforms are a rich source for market and customer data that goes beyond simple demographic information to robust details like preferences, intent, sentiment, activities and social networks.

Trend #3: Video is king

Some reports show social media users are more than four times as likely to interact with a marketers message if that message is presented in a video. And now, with the explosion of programmatic video making targeting and delivery more efficient, you will likely see more of your competitors shifting marketing budgets to video production and placement.

Trend #4: Cross device marketing is coming

Consumers are now carrying multiple addressable devices—smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, wearables, laptops, etc. Most marketers, however, are not yet capable of recognizing interactions with individual customers across those devices. Marketers who can develop data strategies and systems that create alignment between those interactions will have a distinct competitive advantage from a market intelligence standpoint, as well as improved media budget efficiency.

Trend #5: CRO is the new SEO

Critical for any marketer who has invested in SEO or pays for traffic, CRO (conversion rate optimization) is a process of using analytics and user feedback to improve specific performance metrics of your website. It can mean making adjustments to your UX, your design, adding social appeals, or the language involved to make conversion methods more obvious, simple or appealing to users. In addition to enhancing results on key performance indicators (KPIs), CRO should improve ROI on SEO/SEM efforts as well as create a higher satisfaction rating, site wide.

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