What insureds say they want is often not supported by how they actually behave.

"Yeah, I got the loss prevention materials you sent – they're great!

"Yeah, I got the loss prevention materials you sent – they're great!

While many insureds and potential insureds (especially those in the middle market) express the desire to have in-depth and specific loss control materials and content at their disposal, our research shows many of them never actually use them. One reason may be that brokers and carriers who create these materials aren't creating them for most insureds' medium of choice - their mobile device.

With 18% of Millennials identifying their digital consumption habits as “mobile only” and more than 56% of B2B customers reading reviews on their mobile devices, it’s definitely time to rethink traditional long-form insurance content. If you’re an agent, broker or a carrier that spends any portion of your budget developing this kind of content, it may be time to review the types of materials you’re developing, the format in which they appear, and how you’re exchanging them with your insureds.

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