Agents often overestimate their role and value to the customer.

  “New and improved! Insuro-agent! Now with industry-specific advice! Collect them all!”

“New and improved! Insuro-agent!
Now with industry-specific advice! Collect them all!”

How can you improve your marketing ROI and increase your marketing effectiveness and your market share?

Our experience conducting and auditing more than ten years of insured focus groups has reinforced that while the end purchaser values the role of the insurance agent/broker's recommendation in their decision to select a carrier, they are increasingly turning to the internet to validate their recommendation.

Combine that behavior with continued entrance into the insurance marketplace by online sellers like Google, Amazon, and Costco, now more than ever, agents and brokers need to work harder to reinforce personal relationships with their customers and should explore digital tools to help strengthen them. That means not just putting together a strong advertising and retention strategy, it requires having an SEO-optimized website, strong and constantly refreshed content, a robust marketing automation program and an engaging social media presence too. And it needs to work as well (if not better) on mobile than it does on desktop, since 48% of digital users say that if they arrive on a business website that isn't working well on mobile, they take it as an indication of the business simply not caring about them (Source: MarginMedia), which opens any agent or broker up to greater scrutiny and competition.

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