Marketing Minute


  • Brought attention to how tech and insurance merged together to help one another. The #makingof hashtag drives to an interactive, paid case study post showcasing AIG’s IoT innovation
  • Shared a video news story covering the 2016 AIG Winter Summit and supporting Warfighter Sports through a partnership with Disabled Sports USA that has raised $4M over the past decade





  • Continued utilizing the hashtag #ThinkSafe and corresponding landing pages to discuss topics such as spring maintenance, national work zone awareness and staying alert while driving. They tweet one or more new topics weekly, on average
  • Asked “are you driving under the influence of your phone” with posts prompting insureds to take their quiz for National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, again utilizing the hashtag #ThinkSafe


Other Posts
The Hartford continues to tie social corporate responsibility back to one of their biggest profit drivers, group disability insurance, using quantitative research and a twenty year partnership with the U.S Paralympic athletes.
In a panel discussion at South by Southwest, Lindsay Pollak and U.S. Paralympic gold medalists discuss how technology, medical advancements, and demographic changes are leveling the playing field between athletes with disabilities and those without.
Higher catastrophe and energy-related losses caused Liberty Mutual to shift focus toward small commercial lines, middle market segment and specialty lines.
Liberty Mutual saw profit drop 70% due to higher catastrophe and energy related losses including severe storms in the U.S, U.K. and Australia along with an earthquake and floods in Chile.