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Despite the fact that associations are communicating with members more frequently and with more channels than ever (an estimated 30x per month), almost a third of associations with more than 20k members are reporting difficulty attracting and/or maintaining new members. And, four in five associations (80%) report at least half of their communications are being ignored, with only 27% of them rating their marketing as at least four out of five when asked how well their communication channels were integrated.

Coincidentally, more than one quarter of Professional Organization survey respondents referred to professional organizations as “old school.” Additionally, studies show members who are under the age of 40 have been exiting professional groups in record numbers. Why? 

  • 37 percent did not see value in the group
  • 45 percent reported participation was too expensive
  • 35 percent said the group wasn't a community comprised of their peers
  • 31 percent felt that groups lacked technology

So, what’s the secret to creating more value for your members? How do you get your organization noticed in a noisy environment? How can you create a digital experience that potential and existing members alike see as valuable and useful, day-to-day? And perhaps most importantly, how do you get critical buy-in and support from internal teams and resources, and ultimately generate interest and energy around revitalizing your member experience?

We can help you improve engagement at every touch point

We’ve helped associations like the AARP improve engagement statistics of a nationwide integrated-marketing campaign by more than 201% over benchmark. We’ve helped the American Academy of Pediatrics better understand members’ changing media consumption habits and helped increased the perceived value of membership by creating, developing and promoting a multi-million-dollar member portal. We’ve helped the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists refine and update their look and voice. And our integrated model assures a consistent strategy and presence across all of your marketing channels.

Magnani Continuum Marketing is an independently-owned integrated marketing agency that can help you improve your association’s marketing strategy, digital member experience and creative execution. We can help you better understand the needs of your membership, influence your internal influencers, and develop a digital-first member experience. We’ll take you digital, take you personal, and take you to lasting member relationships.

We’d love to learn more about your organization and how we might be of service. 

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