The challenge.

Revive a once-great brand

MacGregor Golf was at a breaking point. The once-great, high-quality brand Jack Nicklaus built had gained market share, but at a cost. As they expanded the brand (and revenues), they did so by building lower-end products. Now saddled with an almost meaningless brand and facing potential receivership, the new entrepreneurial-minded owner looked for a way to restore the glory to his brand and his bottom line. That’s when they brought Magnani in as their full-service marketing agency.

The breakthrough.

Playing the long game

We started by asking questions of executives, staff, customers, channel partners and at retail sites. Then we set about reinventing their brand strategy and positioning with an integrated plan that spanned from marketing communications and digital identity to product, distribution and sales strategies.

Mass market lines and outlets were done. We shrunk the business dramatically, briefly dropping MacGregor from $40M to $20M in annual revenue. But we created a new focus, and a new edge over their competition.

We focused on MacGregor’s legacy of high-end equipment. Their premium products demanded a high-caliber strategy. We positioned the brand to put an emphasis on pro shop retailers whose opinions could shape sales. We built communication and tactical strategies for each channel and target and ensured every brand touchpoint, no matter how small, conveyed the new premium MacGregor brand positioning.

The results.

The new strategies were a success. Restructuring the product line, restricting distribution channels, re-energizing marketing—it all helped MacGregor Golf expand distribution in our targeted green grass and pro retailers in North America, Europe and Asia. This growth translated in a remarkable reversal of revenues from the reduced $20 million to over $120 million in just four years.