The challenge.

Winning over the independent planners

In the world of hospitality marketing, big hotel chains rely on group sales (like meetings or conventions) for a huge portion of their business. But these bookings are often made by independent planners with independent motivations. To improve sales and gain market share, Marriott first had to change the attitudes and behavior of these vital intermediaries.

The breakthrough.

Booking contest creates new incentives

Research showed that while independent planners liked the Marriott brand, they felt somewhat disconnected from the organization. So we tackled both with a six-month integrated B2B marketing campaign that combined hotel bookings, black ops and a prize-filled warehouse in Las Vegas.

Our "Run The Warehouse" digital marketing and direct mail campaign promoted planners as members of an elite squad with a mission to book blocks of hotel rooms. Grand prize winners scored a trip to Vegas and a 60-second dash-and-grab through a warehouse stuffed with electronics, jewelry and other fabulous prizes.

The results.

You know what's fun? Grabbing #1 market share.

Run The Warehouse created a dramatic shift in attitudes, behavior and, more importantly, group bookings. Event planners felt like they had a true partner in Marriott. As a result, Marriott saw a jump in YOY revenue, which translated into $42 million of YOY revenue growth and a leap into first place for market share for all accounts. The campaign is now an annual fixture – creating bankable returns every year.