What does Magnani do?

We're Magnani — a digital agency in Chicago dedicated to helping challenger brands amplify and accelerate their success. Strategically, creatively, digitally, we help our clients outsmart, out-message and outmarket larger competitors to steal their most profitable customers.

How will you help me intimidate larger competitors and steal their most profitable customers?

First, we’ll make your brand look bigger and grow faster with a customized plan. Below are a few ways we’ll get started...

  • Identify and quantify where new opportunities lie in each brands’ markets
  • Prioritize audiences (new and emerging) and spend
  • Develop a game plan for growing faster than the market as a whole
  • Create a differentiated brand position and creative platform that’s an asset to help them sustain that advantage for the future
  • Implement measurement and confirm ROI
  • Get greater returns from digital investments
  • Generate more value/results from their existing marketing spend
  • Establish marketing best practices for internal teams in support of becoming a more powerful brand

Do you work on a project basis?

Absolutely! We work with clients on a project or retainer basis. Most of our clients start working with us on a project-by-project basis before becoming long-term retainer clients.

Is there a budget minimum per project?

Budgets range in scope depending on your objectives, your target audience and your timeline. For Magnani to really make an impact on your business, we’d like to be included in conversations that truly integrate all facets of the marketing plan. These projects usually start around $100k.

I need to show results as soon as possible. How quickly do you work?

We’re ready to hit the ground running and have helped clients increase market share in as little as 6 months. If you need something faster, no worries. Just let us know your time frame and your budget and we’ll let you know how, and how quickly, we can show results.

Who will I work with on a day-to-day basis at agency Magnani?

Our biggest strength is our team and our size. A dedicated and experienced team will be selected for your account specifically based on your business objectives, your project type and relevant expertise of our team members that we think will have the strongest impact on your business. Every team is backed by tenured Directors and Partners who have direct involvement on your account. No matter the size of the client, our three partners will review and approve your strategy and direction.

How will I know if Magnani will be a good fit for my brand?

We understand that selecting an agency is a large investment, and we want to make sure you select the right business partner. A client-agency relationship is a lot like dating. We can only tell you so much online before we should talk on the phone, or better yet, meet in person. Contact us and we’ll set up a time to get to know each other better.