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A unique approach for challenger brands.

Challenger brands face threats from all sides—changing brand perceptions, new competitors and disruptors, shifting economic conditions and technologies—all while managing the balance between future investment and current day activity. How do you determine what’s the best use of your budget, and how can you ensure you’ve still got an accurate measure of current market conditions and your customers?

We’re Magnani, a digital agency in Chicago that helps challenger brands create the most powerful and effective brand strategies and creative campaigns. For more than thirty years, we’ve helped mid-sized companies realize stronger returns from their brand and online presence, including uncovering market understanding that can amplify and accelerate initiatives and help them outsmart, outmessage, outmarket, and steal the most profitable customers from their larger competitors.



Our proven research methodology reveals the greatest opportunities for growth.


Just about any company can collect data, but the most successful ones know how to interpret the story it tells and more importantly, what it might be missing. Our customizable THINK-PLAN-ACT-INTERACT process uses emerging and traditional techniques and methods to identify priorities, improve your customer journeys, uncover your most profitable target segments, establish the most effective messaging platform, evaluate distribution channels and explore new ways to increase customer engagement and conversion to tangibly impact growth. And our insatiable curiosity and passion for positive marketing impact ensures you get more than just a report on the research, you get a meaningful and actionable interpretation of what the results mean for you.

Our market research options, are tailored to meet the specific needs of challenger brands and your strategic marketing goals, including budgetary and time constraints. Recommended methodologies may be analytical analysis, quantitative, qualitative, or a combination of each and may include: 


Evaluative exploration and optimization

  • Creative Testing
  • Market Sizing
  • Positioning and Affinity Studies
  • Packaging Testing
  • Pricing Studies
  • Product Testing
  • Prototyping
  • User Testing

Secondary surveillance

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Secondary Source Aggregation
  • Social Media Listening

Primary qualitative exploration

  • Ethnographic / Behavioral Research
  • Focus Groups
  • Individual Interviews
  • Online Panel Management
  • Ideation Workshops and Sessions

Quantitative techniques

  • Cluster Analysis
  • Conjoint Techniques (adaptive, menu-based, max-diff)
  • Discrete Choice
  • Discriminant
  • Perceptual Mapping
  • Regression
  • Segmentation


We specialize in the challenges facing challenger brands.

  • Identifying and quantifying where new opportunities lie in the marketplace
  • Prioritization of audiences (new and emerging) and spend
  • Road map for accelerated growth (faster than the market as a whole)
  • Differentiated brand position and creative platform that is an asset to sustain future advantage
  • Improving and implementing analytic dashboards to confirm ROI and get greater return on digital investment
  • Generate more value/results from existing marketing spend
  • Establish marketing best practices for internal teams and resources


Challenger brands we’ve digitally loved and lifted.



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