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In 2014, we improved how people find a home.

@Properties built its reputation on redefining expectations. But their legacy web site was undifferentiated, slow and visually cluttered. Generating and filtering search results was, for most users, cumbersome and time consuming.


The depth of information users require changes depending on how far along they are in the process. And trying to visually provide all things to all people, all of the time, was creating an experience that delighted no one.


A dynamically updating form on the home page could let users see how many results they would receive, and see the top six, even before hitting “search.” By creating tiered, prioritized and expandable views of property data, we could make a user experience that adopted to different users information needs.

In 2017, we improved how to better price and sell a home.

One of the most sensitive conversations a broker can have with a potential seller is about determining the market value of a home—more specifically, determining the optimal listing price that will deliver the highest final selling price in the shortest amount of time in market.


Pricing a home properly is both an art and a science, but the conversations between agents and sellers were focused on intuition and feeling. If we could imbue the conversation with objective historic data prior to the subjective or emotional conversation


We created a real-time tool that not only aided in the initial pricing of a home, but allowed both the agent and the seller to see in real time sales, market times, and price changes of competing properties. The platform also allowed agents and sellers to communicate directly through the platform, to make strategic decisions or pricing adjustments.


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