Cat's Pride

Brand storytelling to
build sentiment.

The Challenge
They invented lightweight cat litter, the fastest-growing form of litter in America. But they weren’t getting their fair share in the marketplace. Cat’s Pride® needed to plan to get the word out on their leading Fresh & Light® product, and give customers a compelling reason to change.
Cat's Pride Website
The Insight
It's not enough to make better litter. You need to make an emotional connection.
Cat's Pride Website
Cat's Pride Website
The Solution
Through our collaborative approach to ideation, we identified unique truths of the human/feline relationship and developed one consistent message for a comprehensive campaign - Cats are complicated. Great litter is simple. We began the campaign by analyzing and enhancing the Cat’s Pride® webpage architecture. Then we created new UI/UX experiences, improved meta data and tagging and deployed an SEO optimization strategy that helped make Cat’s Pride® easy to find for online users.
Cat's Pride Website
Cat's Pride Website

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