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Cat's Pride is the nation's fourth largest purveyor of cat litter, in a category where buyers hold fierce loyalty to their existing brands and parity benefit claims define the category.

We needed to give cat owners a reason to try this challenger brand beyond traditional performance claims or temporary discounts.

cat's pride case study

Surveying the market, we saw cat lovers are a highly active subsegment of social media users, sharing upwards of 8,000,000 cat videos every day.

We also found that shelters and shelter workers were highly influential in cat owners choice of litter, especially at the point of adoption. And cat litter was one of the largest expense line items for shelters.

cat's pride case study
cat's pride case study

We helped the company craft a philanthropic brand positioning and create the Cat's Pride Litter for Good™ program. Litter for Good is an ongoing commitment to donate a pound of litter to shelters for every jug of litter they sold. We created an integrated advertising and viral social campaign plus an online system for Cat's Pride customers to help their local shelter sign up to receive donated litter.

cat's pride case study
cat's pride case study


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