Standing out from the crowd.


Verathon was introducing a new portable version of its industry-leading GlidesScope laryngoscope system. Entering an established market for portable laryngoscopes, Verathon needed to stand out in an environment where all competitors touted the same basic features. The company also needed to protect sales of their industry-leading, cart-based laryngoscope system.


Position the product not as a new entrant to the portable market, but as the only portable solution based on its high-performance, cart-based GlideScope ecosystem. It is the only laryngoscope to offer portability without compromise.


Starting with positioning and sales messaging, Magnani developed a fully-integrated, go-to-market strategy and plan, and executed the deliverables for the campaign including:

  • Launch emails
  • Product landing page
  • Tradeshow displays and support materials
  • Print and display advertising
  • Sales materials
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Custom photography
  • Introductory video

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